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We offer introductory answers to frequently asked questions about Oulin Co., and our business terms as following:If you have
questions about our products, please find below a selection of sections, each one containing the answers of frequently asked
questions relating to that section.If you cannot find the answers to your question then send us a mail or give us a call.
Q:What products do we recommend for cleaning of enclosures?
A:We do not recommend any cleaners. To clean units use warm soapy water and apply using a soft sponge, afterwards dry off with a soft clean cloth. If cleaners are used please contact the manufacturers to check whether their product is suitable.
Q:What is ClearShield Glass Protection?
A:ClearShield Glass Protection is an effective invisible coating that helps to drastically reduce staining from hard water and chemical deposits that accelerate the ageing process.
Q:Why do we seal to the tray only on the outside?
A:All shower enclosures have interlock and hollow sections into which water can enter. If sealant is applied on the inside, any trapped water will drain into the bathroom.
Q:What adjustment facilities are there to square the doors to the frame?
A:The door is totally square, the outer frame should be moved to square it around the door. The procedure to do this is described in the fitting instructions that are supplied in the box with the shower doors.
Q: How are the shower doors reversible?
A:Simply turn the door upside-down. With Classic Open Top Doors you will need to state which side the door is to hinge from.
Q:When do I need a filler?
A:If you are out of level (or plumb) by more than 1/2.
Q:Is product available in custom sizes?
A:Yes! We provide tailer-made service in accordance with our customers’ requirements. Do your products use safety glass in its enclosures. In a word, Yes. Always!

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