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We offer introductory answers to frequently asked questions about Oulin Co., and our business terms as following:If you have
questions about our products, please find below a selection of sections, each one containing the answers of frequently asked
questions relating to that section.If you cannot find the answers to your question then send us a mail or give us a call.
Q:What is the difference between an acrylic and a gelcoat unit surface?
A:The surface of an acrylic unit is vacuum formed from a single sheet of solid plastic. Spraying a pigmented polyester resin onto a mold creates the surface of a gelcoat unit, much like making a fiberglass boat hull. Regardless of the surface material, all units are reinforced with the same fiberglass and resin composite and hand rolled for strength and durability.
Q:Why should I choose a bathroom unit?
A:At our Plastics, the emphasis has always been on building a high quality bath product at a reasonable price. It’s been the commitment to quality that has made the company it is today. That same commitment remains evident in every product we produce. We don’t want to be the cheapest bath unit on the market, only the best!
Q:Can you give me a price of a unit?
A:Due to unit style, shipping cost and available options, prices will vary from area to area. You will need to visit our web then contact us for pricing on the unit you are interested in.
Q:How can I properly clean and care for the surface of my unit?
A:Through routine use, the unit surface can collect residues from soap, bath additives and natural body oils. Additional deposits can also collect from minerals or particles found in the water. After each use, wipe the excess water from the unit. This practice will reduce the build-up of deposits and help maintain the natural unit luster. Following a thorough surface cleaning, an application of quality automotive wax will help reduce major accumulations. The actual schedule for cleaning, and waxing, will depend on unit usage and water quality. For best results, keep the following in mind when caring for your bath unit: ·Never use abrasive materials or abrasive cleaners on the unit surface. ·Use extreme caution when trying any cleaner, acid or solvent on the whirlpool system trim.
Q:I’ve found light scratches and dull spots on my bath unit. What can I do to fix them?
A:Most minor surface abrasions can be easily removed by using a water based white automotive polishing compound applied in a circular motion with a clean rag to the affected area. Wipe off the residue and follow with a coat of quality automotive paste wax. CAUTION: Avoid applying wax to the floor of the unit!
Q:How long is the warranty on my shower unit?
A:It will be our responsibility to supply ANY functional product, free from defects and replace the defective parts if any, for 2 years as the guarantee period.
Q:Should I install my new unit over a mortar bed?
A:All our units are designed in such a way that they do not require a mortar bed; however, we do recommend the use of mortar for floor levelling
Q: Are the holes for the faucets pre-drilled on my unit?
A:No, since there are many different types and models of faucets available on the market today, we do not want to limit you to one specific type. Therefore, we do not pre-drill the faucet holes.
Q:Is it really a good idea to plan for an access panel to service my new unit?
A:It is always better to plan ahead. If access is not considered during installation, you could run into problems in the future. Some people like to wait until something happens, and break a few tiles to gain access. However, after a number of years, finding matching tiles is not always an easy task. Also, keep in mind that this requires access to service your unit, and any work done to build an access panel is not covered by warranty
Q:Do I need to support the ledge of my new unit?
A:Yes, it is always recommended to support the ledge; however, the weight of your unit should be supported by the floor rather than the ledge. Ledge support is needed to prevent your unit from cracking should you sit or stand on it.
Q:What size water heater is required?
A:This question is best answered by a plumber because there can be so many variables, such as how high the temperature of the water heater is set, how many people are using its water and whether the dishwasher and washing machine will be drawing hot water from the water heater.
Q:Can anybody install them?
A:Yes! You do not have to be specially trained to install our showers as we have already preinstalled most components in our factory. Although we always recommend you have your final plumbing connections to your home checked by a qualified plumber.
Q:What's unique about Shower Series?
A:Our showers allow consumers the freedom to design their own shower system by offering pre-plumbed shower faucet packages. Just attach your hot and cold water lines and the german engineered plumbing system is complete.

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